From time to time the resolution to some common PC issues will be posted here:


1. Update Windows

Microsoft regularly releases updates to Windows to improve the running of their operating system.

2. Check For Viruses

Malicious virus code can infect your PC’s system and damage your important data. Download AVG and install and click next next next.

4. Remove Spyware

Spyware is malicious code that tracks your movements on the Internet and can even affect your PC’s performance. AVG  deals with this but also the like of Adaware and Combofix can be used to help remove spyware.

5. Be careful if you use sharing software

The likes of Limewire and sole seek should not be used they are riddled with viruses and can be the prime location from where your computer is getting infected from.

If this does not help contact me and most things can be figured out over the phone 0851128764


6. Computer slow:

Your computer can be slow for many many reasons, some of the most popular reasons are

Viruses, worms, spyware, overload on installed software, kids have been at it and hardware fault.

I found this great tutorial on how to speed up computer using some small tools

7. Checking Computer

Download latest anti virus software, if it does not download or redirects to another site, run
Combofix download and run from any of the following links:

Sponsered Links

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